5 Most Important Updates for App Entrepreneurs in iOS 8

By July 17, 2014 Mobile No Comments

Many times, we get app entrepreneurs coming up with great ideas and we had to turn them down because it was not possible in iOS. After watching videos for apple annual dev conference, we are pretty excited about the new possibilities in iOS for app entrepreneurs and developers.

I would like to share some updates that i think are most important and really open a door of possibilities of what we can do with apps on one of the most popular mobile platforms.


Update #1 – Filters and Photo Editing Apps


It was not possible to edit existing pictures in “Photos App”. If your app had to work with any picture, it would first need to import the picture, edit it and then save it as a new copy.

iOs 8 now allows you to save to the same picture. It also allows you to edit the picture or video using your app right from its own Photos app.

If your current app is doing anything with pictures or videos, it is a good time to take advantage of this feature


Update # 2 Safari Extensions

This is one of the biggest extension that we are pretty excited about. This allows developers to kind of extend or use other apps inside it’s safari browser.

Apple demonstrated this with their 1Password app. No need to go into 1Password, copy your password and come back to safari and paste it, just clicking the 1Password extension will do all of this for you. This opens a lot of opportunities for apps like Stumbleupon, Hootsuite, buffer to create extensions for safari browser and allow a better experience for their users.


Update #3 –  Custom iOS Keyboards


It is now possible with iOs 8 to create custom keyboards that run for all apps. Previously, it was only allowed to use a custom keyboard via your own app. The iOS 8 changes that and given an opportunity to app creators to bring their own ideas of keyboard.

Some quick app ideas are to

  • Create keyboard for language not supported by iphone.
  • Custom emotions keyboards.
  • Fancy keyboards that allow you to change keyboard colors or themes.

Update # 4 Interactive Push Notifications


iOS 8 now has interactive push notifications that allow you to not only dismiss notification from right there but also allow you to like a facebook post, comment on it, reply to a message right from the notification. This is a great feature and since many apps use push notifications, it would be a great user experience for your app users to have interactive push notifications.


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