How to create a killer corporate blog for social media


Social media gives life to content. It create credibility, virality and reach for your content. Good articles mostly get a lot of traffic from social media before they start getting traffic from keywords on google.

It is very important that your blog is optimized for social media. Here are some great tips to help you optimize your blog for social media.

Tweet, Like, Share Buttons0091da8


Have the share buttons for most popular social networks right below the article headline. These share buttons allow the reader to quickly share your content.

Having these buttons that show the number of tweets, likes or shares shows the popularity of the content and increases the chances of reader sharing the content as well.

Research shows that just having a tweet button increases your reach by seven folds.0f540cd

Add Google Authorship to your Blog Articles

Google Authorship ties your google + profile to your articles. It allows google to see all your articles even if they are on different websites and gives your article credibility. Google also showed pictures of authors in search results till this month which helped many authors increase clicks on their content. However, recently they stopped doing it. According to Google, they did this for consistency of search results across different platforms.

We would still recommend to sign up for authorship because author names still appear in search results against each article and google probably uses this in its ranking algorithm.

Optimize Share Previews for Social Networks

Content gets viral not only because it is shared but also because how it shared and how does it look when shared. Do you want people sharing your content use the facebook thumbnail picker tool or you want to give the best image that goes with the content yourself?

Facebook was the first one to come up with an industry standard on sharing called “open graph protocol”. It does sound complicated but really it is a set of meta tags for your page to tell social websites about your content.


The tags above automatically share the title, description, and picture that you want to be seen of facebook or linkedin for your content.1cdcd25

<meta property=”og:type” content=”Article” />

<meta property=”og:title” content=”5 Most Important Updates for App Entrepreneurs in iOS 8

” />

<meta property=”og:description” content=”We are pretty excited about the new possibilities in iOS for app entrepreneurs and developers. Photo Extensions, Custom Keyboards and Safari Extensions”/>

<meta property=”og:url” content=”” />

<meta property=”og:image” content=”URL of the image you’d like to feature” />

<meta property=”og:site_name” content=”MobileNext LLC” />

The tags above automatically share the title, description, and picture that you want to be seen of facebook or linkedin for your content.

Follow Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus Links

Most users now prefer to follow a company on twitter, facebook or linkedin rather than subscribing to RSS feeds or signing up for updates. It is very important to have these links above the page fold. A good option is to group them together with RSS icon.

Make sure you post your content on all the social media channels at multiple times for different timezones you are targeting so your users can stay up to date on the content.

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