Is your ecommerce store ready for the next holiday season?


In 2012, one in five online purchases were made on a mobile device. In 2013, the number grew by upto 50% with ¹one in three purchases on a mobile device. There was a 33% increase in the number of purchases on leading retailers website between Thanksgiving day and Cyber Monday.


“Cyber Monday with 2 billion dollar sales was the highest grossing online shopping day in history”

The e-commerce businesses that were ready for this mobile sales boom took the most benefit. Using facts and figures, lets look into things that you need to do to get your ecommerce store ready for the next holiday season in 2014.

1) Make your Ecommerce Website Responsive

Your ecommerce website should already be responsive. If it’s not, its not late. Getting a website to be responsive so that it works on all platforms is very important. Even if you have an app, you should still consider a responsive website for these reasons.

  • Many customers first visit a stores website and don’t download apps.
  • There are too many devices out there and even if you have a large budget for making cross platform apps, you can still miss out traffic from many devices.


2) Social Media for the Buzz


Social media doesn’t lead to direct sales but its the best way to be in touch with your customers and your overall brand online.

Facebook and Pinterest are the leading source of traffic for e-commerce stores. Pinterest had an amazing conversion rate with Harvard business review survey stating 21% of the pinners bought an item after pinning it or liking it.²

Keep your facebook and pinterest pages in good shape by sharing great content way before the holiday season. Create a good promotional calendar and deals that you will be offering and use paid facebook promotions to promote your deals on these platforms.

3) Apps for iOs and Android


iPhone, iPad and Android Devices had the largest share of website visits. iPad accounted for 87.52% of all traffic from tablets, and iPhone and Android accounted for 59.59% and 39.05% of all traffic from smartphones respectively.


It is important to have dedicated apps for these platforms. The apps give a much better experience to a user and the biggest advantage of an app over a website is “Push Notifications”. You can use the push notifications to keep the customers updated on discounted coupons or special offers on items in their “watch list”.

4) Optimize your website and Apps for Tablets


Tablets showed really impressive buying statistics in 2013 and had one of the highest conversion rates. It is expected that tablets may overtake the desktop in conversion rates for 2014.

Apps and website should be specially optimized for tablets as they currently have a higher share of website traffic and conversions than smart phones. This means that you should have a separate user experience designed for tablets to take advantage of the increased real estate on devices.

overall : 3.11 conversion rate, 2.59% for tablets and 1.01% for smart phones.


Mobile should be the most important part of your ecommerce strategy for 2014 holiday season and for this reason a responsive website and dedicated apps for popular platforms are very important. This combined with an effective social media strategy of sharing promotions and content can become very powerful tools for generating sales for your ecommerce business.

At MobileNext, we have extensive experience in creating responsive ecommerce websites and e-commerce mobile apps. For any inquires, please contact us at [email protected]. We would be glad to be of any help.

¹. source: e commerce quarter 4, 2013 roundup by Monetate
². How pinterest puts people in stores, Harvard business review

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