4 Classic Mistakes of Mobile Strategy

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Every survey, analytics, research forecast on mobile is showing amazing numbers for mobile. The mobile revolution has changed how we work, engage with people and do most of our daily tasks.

Startups and Enterprise leaders who have a sharp eye on the industry were predicting this for a long time and its not a surprise at all for them. Many company who have taken the mobile-first approach are taking advantage of this now and are constantly working to deliver amazing mobile experience to match the mobile user expectations.

Still confused on mobile-first approach? Consider these stats

  • Mobile traffic overtook pc traffic in january. Mobile traffic accounted for 55% of Internet usage in January.
  • Tablets to overtake PC Sales in 2015.
  • 70% of customer interactions will originate from mobile in 2015 (Gartner).
  • One in three purchases in 2013 where on mobile (Monetate)

These mobile numbers are not a threat but a great opportunity to tap into new areas and to take advantage of increasing usage of these smart devices “on the go”.

Startups and enterprises must make a comprehensive mobile strategy and should avoid making these key mistakes to make the most out of the mobile age.


Mistake One –  A Responsive website or an App is our strategy

Just having an app for your business or converting your website to a responsive theme with a template available on market is not a mobile strategy..

You have to define your goals for the responsive as well as your mobile app on how it benefits your business, how it can improve customer and employee processes by enhancing experiences.. You have to plan your app with your mobile goals in mind and create amazing experience for your user across devices.


Mistake Two – Not Using Analytics

Leading companies are iterating fast based on the usage of their mobile apps using analytics including A/B testing. Such companies will be way ahead of everyone else because they are using this to deliver amazing experiences for their customers.

Many companies make the mistake of just creating or changing their apps based on customer perceptions or by looking at their competition only and not using analytics. Using analytics and combining it with personalized in-app messages or push notification to deliver personalized experience can be really powerful and should not be ignored when creating a mobile strategy.


Mistake Three – Not differentiating Between Tablet and SmartPhone Experiences

Tablets are leading the smartphones on mobile commerce and are soon going to overtake pc in terms of sales. Tablet are different than smartphones and are much closer to pc’s as many users use tablets in their homes with wifi.

Tablet require special focus in terms of user experience. However, many executives see tablets as an extension of smartphones and do not allocate budgets for creating  specialized experience on tablets.


Mistake Four – One Time App Development

Company make a mistake of getting a one time project done for mobile and be done with it. Customer expectations are higher and companies need to move fast to adapt to their changing expectations. Agile teams are best because they use the feedback and analytics and deliver by continuously iterating.

Companies need to include as part of their mobile strategy to partner with the best agile teams and companies as demand for such teams is bound to grow. Don’t also make the classic mistake of building such teams yourself. It is probably going to take you much longer because excellent teams have multiple skills on board and they strive to keep their knowledge up to date and most of the great talent likes to work with specialist companies rather than being part of a company where mobile team is just a one time project.

Sources: Pew research center, monetate, gartner.



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