Why is a Good Design Process important?


At mobilenext, we mostly work with people with exciting ideas or problems they are trying to solve. They imagine great things and look onto us to convert their ideas into reality.We spend considerable amount of time on our design process to convert these amazing ideas to reality.

What is a design process?

Design process involves in-depth research, creating user personas, wireframes and the UI of the app. Design in software projects is normally taken as creating an awesome UI. However, the UI is just a small part of the process.

Making it look good is only one part of the equation. A good design process focuses on things like who is the product for? what are its goals? what problem is the solution trying to solve?

Let’s look at some of the reasons in detail on why a good design process is important

1. Focusing on the problem

When we starting exploring the initial concept in detail, we try to explore it in depth using visual flows, personas, and wireframing. Ideas mostly are expressed in a few lines but once you start thinking on them, the thinking goes into different directions.

It is the goal of a good design process to help focus the idea on the problem it’s trying to solve and simplify it as well.

2. Validating the idea at very early stage

The wireframes generated as a part of the design process are great to validate the idea. The wireframes can be created to work like a an app or website and users can use them like they would use the real app. This is great for validating and removing waste early on.

Validating the startup at an early stage helps save precious money and also helps with investors. It also helps decrease the risk of failure.

3. Simplification of User Experience

It is very important to simplify the user experience for the user. Users prefer simplicity over complex with lot of learning required. Attention is a commodity and simplicity helps you in utilizing it well.

Simplification is the toughest part of the user experience process. A good design process helps by either avoiding complex features or simplifying them.

4. Puts you at ease

You may worry of what’s going to come out the idea you communicated if the development has started. A good design process helps you be at ease very early on as you can see your idea in concrete form. It shows that the team is in right direction.



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