Is your app ready for iOS 8?

By September 14, 2014 Mobile No Comments

iOs 8 is set to be released on September 17. Apple is calling it “the biggest release ever for mobile developers”. When iOs 7 was released, more than 50% of iOS 6 users upgraded in less than 2 weeks. It is expected that iOs 8 will break this record.

Apple has already claimed that the iPhone 6 pre-orders have broken previous records. People will soon have their new iPhones and they will install their favorite apps on their new devices as well as install new apps. At mobilenext, we have already started working on upgrading our client apps for iOS 8. Here are a few reasons you should look to upgrade your existing apps for the new iPhone.

Bigger Size

Apple is coming up with bigger iPhones displays. This means that your apps may look stretched on the new iPhones. It is best that you use check your apps on the new iPhones to see whether they work perfectly on the new iPhones.

New Features

The new iOS 8 is coming up with some amazing features. We have already covered the updates that we think are the most important in our article. Since we wrote the article, apple has announced some more features for developers like using “Touch ID” authentication in apps, Beta Testing of apps using TestFlight, and improved appstore search. You should look at how you can take advantage of these features in your apps.

Contact MobileNext to upgrade your app for the new iPhone 6 or make a new App. Contact us today.


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