Mobile Apps And Mobile Web Development Company

MobileNext team specializes in creating awesome iPhone, iPad and Android apps.
We design and develop awesome apps that engage users.

We Create Awesome Mobile Apps

We strive to create quality apps that also look awesome. We focus on the user experience of each app because that combined with quality is the leading factor in creating apps that win users.

iPhone App Development

iPhone continues to be the top device in terms of traffic in first world countries (Q2 2014 report by Netbiscuits) and iPhone users are early adopters of apps. We deliver user friendly app with special focus on user experience and quality because for most apps, success on iPhone is what determines the success of the app.

iPad App Development

Tablets are being used as a replacement for desktop and are expected to overtake traffic from desktops in 2015. We look at iPad as more close to desktop then smartphones and design apps exclusively for iPad that take advantage of the bigger screen and do not treat iPad as an extension of mobile apps.

Android App Development

Android users make up a large portion (80% market share) of mobile user base. Android users are distributed over a large number of devices. At MobileNext, our team creates awesome Android apps that work across a large number of devices and we address device fragmentation by following google guidelines on using the right ui controls.