How to Validate Your App Idea as soon as possible?

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Validate your app idea

Validating your idea as early as possible can help you a lot by reducing waste and saving your precious startup dollars.

Depending on the type of idea you have there may be different ways to validate your idea.  Sometimes even a non-binding contract with a potential customer is enough. However, sometimes you may need working wireframes or a working app to validate your idea.

Validate your App Idea with Contract

This may be the quickest way to validate an idea.  Mostly it works well for B2B app where signing up of one customers or a few customers may mean a lot. You can take your idea to a potential customer and ask them to signup a non-binding contract that they will use your app if you make it in x amount of time. Signing up as many customers as you can at this stage would help a lot.

Validate your App Idea with Wireframes

For some ideas, the customer may need to see a working prototype of the app. The best way to make a working prototype is to use some wireframing tools like axure that allow you to wireframe your idea and create clickable prototype which they can even open on their mobiles and experience the app.

Again there is no programming involved in this. You can show flow of the app, nice animations and even make it look great with good graphics. Most of our customers at MobileNext use these wireframes  to not only validate their idea but also get investment for their ideas

Validate your App Idea with a Working Prototype

This is the next stage of wireframing where you actually create a working prototype of your app. This does involve some programming but its all just the user experience with dummy data on the back. This is better than wireframes but definitely more expensive as it involves programming. It would still cost less than hiring programmers to do a fully functional MVP which may cost much more.


Validating your app idea as early as possible can help you save previous startup dollars. Getting contracts may cost you just some travelling cost and time.  The wireframes with fully functional UI will cost you a 20% to 30% of your total MVP cost.

They not only help you validate your idea but also can help you get investment and probably a good deal from a development company because they will completely understand your idea. This will save you dollars because they will not be including their risk buffer in the costs.


source: image by freepik

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