Why Mobile Commerce is the Safest Bet for App Developers?


Mobile Commerce apps are the safest bet for developers according a to survey of 10,000 developers(1) More than 50% of the developers creating mobile commerce apps are able to easily make profit from their apps (2700$/month on average) .

This is great compared to 47% of the developers working on other apps who make nothing at all from their apps(2).

It is also predicted that the next 100 billion startup will come from the mobile commerce

Existing Stores Taking Advantage of Mobile Apps

Existing stores with already established web stores are creating apps to provide a superior experience to the shoppers. As buyers are increasingly using apps with one in three shoppers using mobile for their purchases, these stores are using apps to give a better experience and engage their customers via features like deals of the day, weekly deals, iBeacons to push deals to users inside stores.

Startups selling only through Mobile

Mobile first startups are taking advantage of GPS enabled services, Push notifications. Grocery Buying, Deals, Meal Delivery startups are taking in millions of dollars in investment and are focusing primarily on mobile.

Affiliate Selling through Amazon

Many mobile commerce apps are using their customer base to sell products by affiliating with companies like amazon. The advantage to selling like this over ads is that depending on the products that are advertised and sold.

Game Download Products and Jewellery Products earn as much as 10% commission for the affiliate referrals.  An app which can generate good conversion rates can generate much more income through affiliate selling as compared to cost per click.


Mobile Commerce Apps are the safest bet for investors and developers. The return rates are much higher in case of success and average earning per developer is one of the highest.

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