Why Your App Needs Push Notifications Right Now!

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One of the biggest problem of app is engagement and it is getting increasingly important for apps to engage users. Push notifications play a major role in driving up app engagement and it is one of the reason that apple has given special attention to it in iOS 8 with interactive push notifications. The interactive push notifications are expected to increase app engagement by a huge margin.

Let’s look at how push notifications are driving app engagement now and why you should consider adding push notifications to your apps

Push Notifications drive more app launches

According a recent report by localytics, push notifications drive 88% more app launches. The analysis found out that app engagement measured by launch was 88% higher for users who enabled push notifications. Ecommerce app ruled engagement with push notifications as the app engagement by launches was 278% higher than users who didn’t enable push notifications.

It is no surprise as ecommerce apps can send personalized deals on items and price cuts which bring a real value to user. Music, Travel and food apps also had more than 100% app launches because of push notifications.

App Usage Graph Push Notification

Push Notifications increase Retention

Push notifications also help in increasing app retention with users likely to launch application after four months of initial install. Users need to be sent actionable push notifications in a timely manner to keep them coming back.

Over 62% of users are likely to open the app the following month if they are engaged with push notifications. The gap widens with each month but even after four months, apps with push notifications have chances to be opened 36% times as compared to apps without push notifications with only 14% chances of user return.

App Retention

Push Notifications decrease App Abandonment Rate

On average, one in five apps are used only once. If push notifications are enabled, the chances of app being used more than once increase by 2x times.

Apps with push notifications have 50% of users coming back at least 11 times showing increased time spent in the app.


App Retention

The above data is a proof that push notifications drive engagement. Analytics used to delivered timely and personalized push notifications along with interactive push notifications can really help drive app engagement.

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